Tom’s 6.5-06

//Tom’s 6.5-06

Tom’s 6.5-06

I want to tell you how pleased I am with the prefit Savage 6.5-06 AI barrel I received from you. The barrel was/is very easy to break in with very little copper fouling first two shots. I cleaned after every round for 1st five rounds, then cleaned after every five rounds for next five times (I’ll do it until 50 rounds are fired). Barrel cleans right up. 
I have only tried one bullet (123 gr Hornady A-max).  Both Hybrid 100V and Reloader 19 gave superb accuracy with 4 different powder charges – all shots (5 shot groups) touching or maybe one flyer about 1/4″ out.
Great barrel  I would recommend to anyone. As accurate as any Shilen, Lilja, Hart, PacNor I have. It was such a relief your barrel broke in so easily as I have had to clean after every round for up to 15 rounds with the others in match grade stainless in various calibers (not all the others, but many of them).
I have always been a fan of the blue printed Rem 700, but your barrel on the Savage is superb.
Thank you and your staff,
Tom Foster

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