Mosin Nagant McGowen Replacement Barrels

The Mosin Nagant rifles have recently regained popularity. This is mostly due to the low cost of the rifle and the availibility of surplus ammunition.

We also have seen a recent surge in requests for barrels for the Mosin Nagant. We make a variety of barrel contours for this rifle. These can be seen at

Please note that the “pre-fit” for the Mosin Nagant requires a gunsmith to install to finish the extractor cut on the barrel. This can only be done after the barrel has been installed and aligned for the extractor, before it is then removed and reinstalled on the rifle.

If you are using “only” surplus ammunition for this rifle, we recommend that you use a .303/.311 bore/groove barrel as surplus does have some bullet diameter inconsistencies to it. If you are reloading, you will use the proper bore/groove dimension for your bullet. You will see under our Barrels page (Chrome Moly Barrels or Stainless Steel) that we list a .302/.310 bore/groove dimension for a 7.62×39. This is NOT always the case, again it depends upon the bullet diameter that you are using. It is better to error on the side of safety if you have any doubts.

We receive this question quite frequently. “Can you make a bull barrel for a Mosin Nagant?” The answer is YES. Any contour listed on our contour page can be done for the Mosin Nagant.

Mosin Nagant Prefit Barrel Base Pricing

Polished Blue Barrel

  • Up to 26″ Length. Base Pricing

Stainless Steel Barrel

  • Up to 26″ Length. Base Pricing

Matte Finish

  • Standard barrels are polished.

Additional Length

  • For barrels exceeding 26 Inches. 
Due to the nature of the rifle, we require a minimum deposit of 25% down prior to any work being started. If you choose to cancel the barrel prior to any work being done, you will be refunded the 25%. If any work has been accomplished on the barrel we will refund you 10%. 15% is retained as a restocking fee.

Shop Our Available Mosin Nagant Prefits

To order a Mosin Nagant Pre-fit barrel you can choose one that is currently available in pre-fit inventory, create your custom barrel, or give us a call or email with what you are looking for and we’ll help you with your new, custom Mosin Nagant Pre-Fit barrel.