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Tom’s 6.5-06

Dan,   I want to tell you how pleased I am with the prefit Savage 6.5-06 AI barrel I received from you. The barrel was/is very easy to break in with very little copper fouling first two shots. I cleaned after every round for 1st five rounds, then cleaned after every five rounds for next five times (I'll [...]

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Steve’s Specialty Pistol Barrels

  Hey guys--love your barrels. Best deal on the planet these days. Have 2 specialty pistol rigs both shooting .75-.5 MOA consistently. Here's a pic of my 22-250 Savage Super Striker/16" 8-T McGowen/3.5-15x NF/65 JLK Low Drag @ 3240 mv. This is how I test my coyote rigs, by shooting 1 shot each at the [...]

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Douglas’s Barrels

McGowen Barrels,   I recently purchased 3 barrels from McGowen, 2 of the barrels were .257 Weatherby and 1 is a .264 Winchester Mag. I recently finished the build on the first .257 Weatherby, scoped the rifle, and shot it. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. After cleaning the barrel (very smooth [...]

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Dan, finally finished the 38-55, sent some photo's, thanks for the help. Are you interested in rebarreling a 25-35 on another 336 action for me, now that I know what  it takes to put one together I could send all the extra parts to begin with, let me know, I am so happy with the job you [...]

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204 Ruger

Hello Dan,   We received the .204 Ruger late morning Oct. 7 and it was in action 1 1/2 hours after being unloaded from Fed Ex. I an working up a load using the 40 gr. VMax bullet & IMR 8208 powder.   Attached is a photo of our .22-250 & 6.5-06 with 3 groups. [...]

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