Steve’s Specialty Pistol Barrels

//Steve’s Specialty Pistol Barrels

Steve’s Specialty Pistol Barrels


Hey guys–love your barrels. Best deal on the planet these days. Have 2 specialty pistol rigs both shooting .75-.5 MOA consistently. Here’s a pic of my 22-250 Savage Super Striker/16″ 8-T McGowen/3.5-15x NF/65 JLK Low Drag @ 3240 mv. This is how I test my coyote rigs, by shooting 1 shot each at the longer ranges I may expect to shoot under field conditions and positions, once all R&D is done. These 3 shots are at 325, 400, and 525 yds. Finally ready for coyotes this fur season–OOORAHHH!
Steve Hugel, Pueblo, CO
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