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Prairie Dog Hunt Kudos

Below is a nice letter from a long time McGowen customer. We always enjoy hearing feedback from our barrel customers. Just got back from a 3 day prairie dog shoot in Wyoming where I shot up a bunch of these small rodents using McGowen barreled .204 R, .20 Practical, & .243 Win. The star performer [...]

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2015 Long Range Pistol Class Champion – Randy Wise

Congratulations to Randy Wise for taking 1st Place in the Rayner's Range 2015 Long Range Matches! Hi Dan, The 2015 Long Range Matches at Rayners Range are officially in the books. I took first place in the pistol class for the third year in a row and had the third highest 5 score average for [...]

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Ridge Runner Custom Gunworks – Brag Shots

Just wanted to give the staff at McGowen a huge thanks. I traveled to WY-SHOT 2015 held in Gillette, Wyoming this year with one of your barrels. I built a custom specialty pistol on one of your 8 twist 4 groove 6mm's in .243 Winchester Match. Shooting 105 Amax's I am more than pleased with [...]

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WY-SHOT – 1st Place McGowen 22RF

I want to extend a sincere thank you to the folks at McGowen barrel. I had you make a  22 RF 14 1/2" barrel that I would be using at Ernie Bishops Wy Shot. The barrel shot exceptionally well from the very first shot requiring no development. Facing stiff competition and excellent shooters it allowed [...]

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Finally, the weather broke and I got a chance to shoot my Remington 700 Remage conversion.  If you didn’t read the installation post, take a look at Rebarrel a Remington 700 without a lathe: McGowen’s Remage barrel conversion. A Remington 700 that has a Remage (REMington savAGE) conversion, uses a barrel system similar to a Savage; a [...]

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7mag – Charles “Rugger” Cotten

I have to admit that I was very nervous about sending you my beloved 7mag. I have only put 30 rounds down range so far and can already tell you without question that I will never shoot any other barrel! Even the very first 3 bullets went less than .4". with every shot in my [...]

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