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Stainless Steel Barrel Finish Options

1. Polished: this is our standard option for Stainless rifle barrels that we are re-barreling for our customers.
2. Matte: this is another option available at $15 for your Stainless rifle barrel. The price for Matte finish on your action and barrel is slightly higher at $25, due to the increased amount of labor involved.
3. Cerakote: If you are interested in having your barrel be a different color, Cerakote provides many options.


Chrome Moly Barrel Finish Options

If you are having a rifle re-barreled by us with a chrome moly barrel, you have a few options for the coating. They are listed below:

1. Polished Bluing: this is our standard option for bluing of rifle barrels that we are re-barreling for our customers. This is referred to as a “Standard Polish Blue”.
2. Matte Bluing: this is another option for bluing of your rifle barrel. The price for this option is slightly higher, due to the increased amount of labor involved.
3. Cerakote: If you are interested in having your barrel be a different color, Cerakote provides many options.

Please note that on Pre-Fit Barrels Standard Polish Bluing on chrome moly barrels is part of the package price. For Matte Bluing on Pre-Fit Barrels, add $15.00.

Polish Bluing

$8500Barrel Only
  • Cost for standard Polish Bluing of a barrel only.

Polish Bluing

  • Cost for standard polish bluing when done with a re-barrel.

Matte Bluing

$10000Barrel Only
  • Cost for standard Matte Bluing of a barrel only.

Matte Bluing

  • Cost for standard Matte Bluing when done with a re-barrel.


Bluing Your Personal Firearm

We can also blue your firearm for you. Price is dependent upon the bluing finish, the shape of your firearm (if it is pitted and would require a lot of handwork to bring back to near new shape), and whether the firearm is received disassembled or if it needs to be disassembled and reassembled after bluing. The prices shown below are “starting” prices. Your firearm will be evaluated upon receipt and a finalized quote will be given to you prior to any work starting. Prices shown are for bluing only, and do not include any other services that McGowen Precision Barrels offers.


$13500Starts At

Bolt Action Rifles

$12000Starts At

Lever Action Rifles

$16500Starts At


$12000Starts At



Cerakote Firearms Coatings

We are excited to now offer Cerakote finish options on your barrel. Cerakote improves the performance and reliability over conventional finishes. This state-of-the-art coating technology outperforms any competitive coating in both lab and real world settings.

Available in a wide selection of colors, let McGowen Precision Barrels transform your new barrel into a sleek work of art that outperforms the competition in abrasian, corrosion, and chemical resistance.  Cerakote is extremely affordable and can give your gun a unique personality. Examples of the colors can be viewed here.

Current Available Colors Cerakote #
Cobalt H-112
Bright White H-140
Graphite Black H-146
Burnt Bronze H-148
Stainless H-152
Electric Yellow H-166
Sky Blue H-169
Magpul Stealth Grey H-188
Armor Black H-190
Wild Purple H-197
Desert Sand H-199
Gun Metal Grey H-219
Crimson H-221
Patriot Brown H-226
Tactical Grey H-227
Magpul OD Green H-232
Sniper Grey H-234
Coyote Tan H-235
OD Green H-236
Tungsten H-237
Barrett Bronze H-259
Flat Dark Earth H-265
Federal Standard Grey H-36357
Midnight Bronze H-294
Cobalt Kinetic Green H-296


Don’t see the color for you in stock? We will order it upon request. Any colors not currently available in inventory will add approximately 2 weeks from the time of your order to receive the material.

Cerakote Pricing

Barrel Only

$40001 Color

Complete Bolt Action Rifle

$135001 Color*

Complete AR15 Rifle

$200001 Color*

Complete AR10 Rifle

$250001 Color*

Complete AK Rifle (or Variants)

$300001 Color*

Complete Lever Action Rifle

$165001 Color*

Semi-Auto Hand Gun

$135001 Color


$145001 Color


  • Call for Quote

Camo Pattern

  • Call for Quote
*For additional colors on a barreled action (2 or more colors) additional $50.00 per color.
Pricing does not include Cerakoting the stock.


Add Cerakote to your Order

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