Lawrence’s 7mm-08 Remage

This McGowen 25", 7mm-08,1/10" Sendero Remage is shooting 130gr. Sierra Match Kings with 42.9gr. of Varget inside of 1/4in. all day long!!! It's mounted on a standard Rem. action with a timney trigger. It's bedded and floated on a #2092 B&C stock. This 3 shot group was shot by Lacy S. from Tea, SD.

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David’s Elk Hunt

First game animal taken with the new barrel. 227 yards. Love the accuracy.

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Keith’s Browning A-Bolt 300 RUM

Hi, I just wanted to take a few minutes to write and say thank you for an extremely accurate barrel. I ordered a 300 RUM barrel for a customers Browning A-Bolt and received it back in March. I was just now able to get around to finishing the gun and taking it out and shooting [...]

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GAP Grind Amateur Champ!

McGowen, I just wanted to let you know that I ran my McGowen Prefit 6XC barrel to place 1st overall in the amateur division of the GAP Grind this weekend! I went into the tune up day on friday with only 80 rounds on the barrel. It sped up slightly after another 100 practice rounds, [...]

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Robert’s Custom Savage Barrel

Just a quick update. I mounted the Savage barrel you made for me to a Savage Model 111 action. I test fired the .30 Hembrook Long at 100 yards. The attached picture is for a group fired with the following load data: Brass: RWS 9.3x64 resized to .30 Hembrook Long Primer: Tula NCLRM Powder: Superformance [...]

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