Keith’s Remington 700 30-06

I'm usually not one to post a review about products I purchase, but I felt the need to let you know how pleased I am with my recent custom barrel order. I own a Remington model 700 .30-06 I bought in early 90's that I never really got around to shooting till last year. I [...]

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Jerry’s AR10 6.5 Creedmoor Test Fire

Dan, got a chance to test one your SS AR10 barrels in 6.5 Creedmoor.. Came up in March. This is likely the most accurate AR barrel I have shot. Was function testing for a customer with a start load... took 5 shots to get close to center. 5 shots on target and formed this group. [...]

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David’s Remington Barrel

Today Sunday May 6th was my first day on the range with my new McGowan barrel. I have lots a buddies that have bought many other brands of barrels, To there amazement and mine, the McGowan barrel while "breaking in" was shooting sub 1/2" groups with NO load development. My barrel is a 29" remage, [...]

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Trevor’s Savage Axis Barrel

I am from Victoria in Australia and I imported a replacement barrel for my Savage Axis in 308 through Meplat Firearms in South Australia. The barrel took 10 months to get to me with no fault to Mcgowan,it was our side that held the barrel up for so long. It was a custom Savage Axis [...]

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Jeremy’s Remington XP 100 in .450 Bushmaster

"I wanted to convey a huge thanks to the crew at McGowen! I ran one of your .452" bbls on our custom Remington XP 100 in .450 Bushmaster this year. I was able to take a large Russian boar and my best handgun whitetail to date running your bbl. Thanks again for the awesome service [...]

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Long Range Handgun Champion 2017

Congratulations Randy! Hi Dan, Once again McGowen Barrels have taken me to the winners circle! I am the Long Range Handgun Champion for the 5th year in a row at Rayner’s monthly 1000yd Long Range Matches. I was able to also set a new record high score of 510 for Long Range Handguns at the [...]

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