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McGowen Precision Barrels rebarrels a variety of rifles from bolt actions, single shots to lever actions. Below you will see a variety of rifles that we rebarrel. The models of the rifles are grouped together under the gunsmithing cost associated with rebarreling that rifle. Keep in mind that the cost shown below for rebarreling the rifle is the actual gunsmith work for chamber, thread, fit and crown. Below each rifle, or group of rifles, there are a series of options. The cost for the gunsmith work does not change, but the cost of the barrel and associated items will dependent upon length of barrel, material, contour (standard, octagon or fluted) and finish. To determine the cost of your rebarrel job, add the costs associated with your desired options.  Shipping and handling is not included in these prices.  

Please note that on all rebarrel work we require a deposit of 25% down prior to any work being completed. Also note that we do not normally take orders for rebarreling work without having the rifle in our hands. If you wish us to start your barrel and then call you when we are ready for your rifle, we would require the same 25% deposit. If you decide to cancel your order, prior to any work being completed we'll refund your deposit. If we have received a rifle from you and you cancel your order prior to any work being completed we will refund your deposit minus shipping & handling charges to send the rifle back. If we have started work on your barrel we will refund your deposit minus 15% restocking fee and (in the case of having your rifle on hand) shipping and handling charges to send your rifle back to you.

Base Installation Costs (Step 1)

The installation costs vary depending on the model of rifle you are interested in.  This is the base price of your rebarrelling job.  The other features and options below are in addition to these installation costs.

Group A

  • Ruger M77 Ruger M77 MK II Savage Rifles Winchester Model 70 Push Feed Rifles Sako Rifles Mauser 96 or 98 Rifles

Group B

  • Remington: 700, 600, 660, 788, 7, 721 &722 Browning A-Bolt Browning X Bolt, Tikka T3

Group C

  • Winchester Model 70 CRF Weatherby MK V Weatherby Vanguard Springfield 1903 Springfield 03-A3

Group D

  • Winchester 1886 1885 Hi or Low Wall Remington Rolling Block Marlin Lever Action Rifles

Barrel Blank (Step 2)

Next, choose your barrel blank material and length.  The price will vary by material and length of starting blank.  Please note, finished barrels are approximately 2″ shorter than the starting blank.

Chrome Moly Barrel

$165 Up To 26 in.
$175 27 in.
$185 28 in.
$195 29 in.
$205 31 in.
$215 32 in.
$225 33 in.

Stainless Steel Barrel

$240 Up to 26 in.
$250 27 in.
$260 28 in.
$270 29 in.
$280 31 in.
$290 32 in.
$300 33 in.

Contouring (Step 3)

McGowen Precision Barrels offers 46 Standard Contouring Options at our standard rate. Contours not listed below are available at a higher cost.

Standard Countours

  • See Chart Below

Non-Standard Contours

  • Contours Not Listed Below, Note that this cost is in addition to standard contour charge
McGowen #1 Douglas #5 Shilen #5 Pac Nor #7
McGowen #2 Douglas #5A Shilen #6 Pac Nor #8
McGowen #3 Douglas #6 Shilen #7 Pac Nor NBRSA
McGowen #4 Douglas #7 Shilen #7LV Remington Sendero
McGowen #5 Douglas #8 Shilen #7HV Remington Standard
McGowen #6 Douglas Silhouette Pac Nor LW Remington Magnum
McGowen #7 Douglas Featherweight Pac Nor #1 Savage Sporter
McGowen #8 Douglas #7-W Pac Nor #2 Savage Magnum
Douglas #1 Shilen #1 Pac Nor #3 Savage Varmint
Douglas #2 Shilen #2 Pac Nor #4 Savage Bull
Douglas #3 Shilen #3 Pac Nor #5
Douglas #4 Shilen #4 Pac Nor #6


Fluting (Step 4)

Fluting can improve performance in several ways.  First, it removes material and therefore weight.  It also makes the barrel less susceptible to overheating.

No Fluting


6 Flutes


8 Flutes



Octagon (Step 5)

Our octagon barrels are cut on a CNC Machining Center allowing you to dream up your own facets.  From traditional eight sided octagon barrels to dodecagon (12 sided) barrels.  We can deliver your dream barrel.

No Octagon







Finish (Step 6)

McGowen Precision Barrels offers 4 standard finish options.  Our basic finish on our stainless steel barrels is a beautiful polished finish.  We also offer a bead blasted matte finish on our stainless barrels.  This changes the look, and can also improve barrel cooling due to increased surface area.  Our Chrome Moly barrels are offered in both traditional blued finish as well as a matte bluing.

Stainless Polish


Matte Stainless


Standard Polish Blue


Matte Blue



Muzzle Threading (Step 7)

Would you like to add a muzzle brake?  Order your barrel with threads for attaching your own muzzle brake.

No Muzzle Threads


Muzzle Threading



McGowen Turbo Brake (Step 8)

Let McGowen Precision Barrels install one of our Turbo Brakes.  Our brakes feature an integral expansion chamber and carefully positioned ports to allow for an orderly venting of gases.  Our brakes dramatically reduce recoil and increase accuracy.

No Muzzle Brake


Turbo Brake


Octagon Muzzle Brake

Also Note: Squaring and Lapping the receiver and bolt face is not included in the pricing for rebarreling.  This is an extra fee as we have realized over the years that not everyone wants this process done or to pay the extra $85.00 fee.  If you’d like your receiver squared & lapped, please include this fee into the pricing.