All McGowen barrels are precision button rifled, stress relieved and hand lapped to ensure consistency and ease of cleaning. Pricing is dependent upon the make up of the barrel. This includes whether it is turned (contoured) or not, length of the barrel and additions such as octagon or fluting.

McGowen Precision Barrels Stainless Steel

McGowen Precision Stainless Steel Barrels

Made from certified 416R Rifle Barrel steel. A barrel composed of Stainless steel has a longer life than a Chrome Moly barrel,
but they cost slightly more than Chrome Moly.

McGowen Precision Chrome Moly Barrels

Made from certified 4140 Rifle Barrel steel. Barrels composed of Chrome Moly steel will require a coating, such as Bluing or Cerakote to prevent rust. The price for Chrome Moly barrels is slightly less than Stainless.