27-300 Weatherby

//27-300 Weatherby

27-300 Weatherby

My 27-300 WBY custom rifle was recently completed by Pete Underwood of Jims Firearms in Baton Rouge LA. Using a Lawton 7000 Action, Jard Trigger and Choate Stock along with your 32″ barrel the results have far exceeded all other rifles I have ever fired. Enclosed is a target, the first group of the rifle after sight in, shots 5-6-7-and 8 ever fired from this barrel. the load used was 83.5gr of H1000, Barenes TSX 130gr bullet (yes seriously), BR2 primer, chrony @ 3755fps. C2C measurment is .766″ and this was @ 420 yards.  Pete Underwood is without a doubt the finest smith I have ever met, and with your barrel and his craftmanship there may be a new 1000 yard record coming soon.  Rifle Pictured before lower mounts installed.
Rich Shiree
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