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Non-Domestic Orders – Shipment Information

McGowen Precision Barrels, LLC exports our products under our sister company, American Gun Company, to countries all over the world.

In order to ship our barrels outside of the United States, the United States State Department requires that we apply for and receive a export license.

The US State Department Requires the following to apply for an export license:

  1.  Purchase Order
    a. Each caliber or item must be listed separately and quantity of each.
    b. U.S. Dollar Value of each piece
    c. End User – i.e. Personal Use, for Resale, etc.
    d. Must have “McGowen Precision Barrels” as the supplier and list “American Gun Company” as the exporter
  2.  DSP-83 Form
    a. Must match purchase order with items/quantities/value
    b. Must again list “American Gun Company” in Block 2
    c. Block 7 must be completed and signed.
  3.  Import License/International Import Certificate
    a. Import License from your country listing each item on the purchase order and DSP-83 form.


All forms must be sent to McGowen Precision Barrels in original form, copies are not acceptable.

If you are representing a company, our advice is to get all needed forms with your potential quantities spanning multiple years. Most export licenses are good for up to 48 months, dependent upon the length of your Import Permit/Certificate.

Customer will be charged a Export License Application Fee of $250.00. The fee must be paid prior to any license being applied for. All products must be paid in full prior to shipment. Payments can be made via Credit Card (add 3% fee), Personal Check, Company Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer (add $25.00 fee).

Shipping & Handling is an additional fee and all shipments are insured for the shipment dollar value.

Large bulk shipments of barrels – Customer is required to schedule their own shipments with a freight company of their choice.  All import fees and taxes are the responsibility of the customer.

All individuals are encouraged to contact us prior to application for an export license to see if McGowen Precision Barrels already has a distributor in your country. These distributors typically have all the necessary paperwork in place to ship to your country. New customers are required to pay a 50% deposit + export application fees prior to manufacturing your product.

All orders for items will be, when possible, shipped at one time unless otherwise noted. Customers can request that maximum dollar values are sent at any one time (example: customer would like shipments to not exceed $1100.00).

We do not provide exporting services for products that are not our own.