Hello Dan,


We received the .204 Ruger late morning Oct. 7 and it was in action 1 1/2 hours after being unloaded from Fed Ex. I an working up a load using the 40 gr. VMax bullet & IMR 8208 powder.


Attached is a photo of our .22-250 & 6.5-06 with 3 groups.


The .22-250 has your 4 groove, 1-9 twist barrel, Pac Nor #4 contour, 24 inches and it shoots 53 & 55 VMaxes very well. And the top group that almost went into the same hole was the 68 gr Hornady BTHP bullet with H4350. I now use IMR 8208 powder with the 53gr Hornady VMax and H4350 with the 68 gr Hornady HPBT.


The 6.5-06 is your D4 contour, 1-8 twist, 24 inch barrel. The group shown measures about 3/8 inch. The load is the 100 gr Hornady AMAX bullet with 57 gr. of Ramshot Hunter. Brass was reformed .30-06 with the necks turned down to .288 inches. I also use 54 gr. of H4350 with about the same results. Velocities with the 100 gr, bullet run @ 3400 fps. I also use the Hornady 123 gr AMAX with Hunter and H4350 powders.


Thanks for your excellent work.


Pete Perry