7mag – Charles “Rugger” Cotten

//7mag – Charles “Rugger” Cotten

7mag – Charles “Rugger” Cotten

I have to admit that I was very nervous about sending you my beloved 7mag. I have only put 30 rounds down range so far and can already tell you without question that I will never shoot any other barrel! Even the very first 3 bullets went less than .4″. with every shot in my 20 round break in, I fell in love more and more. The target on the left was my first 5-shot group after break in and was fired from a cold, completely clean bore, with virgin brass. Then I switched to a Speer SBT 160 that has never once impressed me. I have been sitting on these bullets for the last 10 years but figured that with the 1-8 twist I should use them up until I get my heavy VLD’s and A-Max’s. The first 3 of these ugly bullets looked like one single hole. You guys know how to get my heart pumping. That is five rounds there, number 25-30 through this 28″ 7 contour that you folks at McGowen have blessed me with. Thanks a million! I’m sure I will be sending you more pictures and praise once I shoot some Berger’s through her. Keep up the good work! My bench-rest .240 Page will be headed your way soon.

Charles “Rugger” Cotten

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