I am from Victoria in Australia and I imported a replacement barrel for my Savage Axis in 308 through Meplat Firearms in South Australia.
The barrel took 10 months to get to me with no fault to Mcgowan,it was our side that held the barrel up for so long.
It was a custom Savage Axis bull barrel 26 inches long with a 1:10 twist in 308 with a 11 degree crown.
After getting the barrel it looked nothing short of superb.Then fitting it to the action,adding a Boyds thumbhole varmint stock,bedding the action,fitting a Timney trigger and free floating the barrel the rifle is now a real tack driver.
Thanks to Mcgowan to a superbly finished and polished stainless steel barrel I will be recommending other Aussies to replace the less than average Savage sporter barrel with an exceptional Mcgowan barrel.
Well done to everyone at Mcgowan.
Trevor Pollock,