Keith’s Remington 700 30-06

//Keith’s Remington 700 30-06

Keith’s Remington 700 30-06

I’m usually not one to post a review about products I purchase, but I felt the need to let you know how pleased I am with my recent custom barrel order.
I own a Remington model 700 .30-06 I bought in early 90’s that I never really got around to shooting till last year. I was really disappointed in its accuracy.
I ended up floating the barrel, changing to custom stock, changing trigger and really take the time to attempt a proper barrel break in. The barrel was a real fouler no consistent groups, flyers everywhere and I just couldn’t get the accuracy I wanted out of it.
I was on the fence about ordering a custom rifle or sending my action off for re barreling. Well custom rifles as you know command top dollar and I wasn’t to keen on the idea of sending my action to someone I’m not totally familiar with.
I came across some information on remage barrels and thought, here’s my chance to change barrel’s and do the work myself. I wanted a barrel offered in blued finish to match my action and McGowen offered just that. I was still a little apprehensive on whether I could do the work and of the results I would have.
I put in a custom order to McGowen and received the barrel in about 10 weeks with no problems. After installing barrel and reassembling rifle with no major issues, I headed to the gun range this weekend. Wow, what a difference. I followed barrel break in procedure recommended by McGowen. Fouling was just about non existant. No flyers at all. With factory hunting ammo .5 moa or less at 100 yds. What a difference a quality barrel makes. I’m 100% satisfied and pleased with McGowen for their excellent work.

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