Below is a nice letter from a long time McGowen customer. We always enjoy hearing feedback from our barrel customers.

Just got back from a 3 day prairie dog shoot in Wyoming where I shot up a bunch of these small rodents using McGowen barreled .204 R, .20 Practical, & .243 Win.

The star performer was the .20 Practical that made some 161 kills at 85% shots fired at ranges up to 330 yards (very last shot fired) with most shots at 220 to 260 yards.

Barrel fouling was minimal; I periodically cooled off the barrel with a wet towel and cleaned bore after each 50 rounds.

I used reformed .223 RWS brass, necked down to .226 outside diameter and turned necks just enough to clean up.

My load was 40 grain .20 cal. VMax with CCI 41 primers and IMR 8208 powder. The last day was hot at 101 degrees.

Every body was really impressed – shot after shot hits. A real good showing for McGowen barrels.

The .243 nailed one at 391 yards. The load was Win .243 brass, 87 grain .243 VMax with 4000 MR powder and CCI 200 primers.

I don’t need to look for any other barrel than the ones you guys make.

Pete Perry