Congratulations to Randy Wise for taking 1st Place in the Rayner’s Range 2015 Long Range Matches! 1st Place Long Range Pistol - McGowen Precision Barrels

Hi Dan,
The 2015 Long Range Matches at Rayners Range are officially in the books.
I took first place in the pistol class for the third year in a row and had the third highest 5 score average for all competitors. The number of competitors each month averages over 100. My 5 score average (449) would have been a third place finish in the rifle class, second place 5 score average was (450) and first place was (475) in rifle class. I would like to thank you and McGowen Precision Barrels for your support of shooters like me with some of the best barrels in the industry. Your barrels are the key to my success in these competitions.

Thanks again,