Mike’s 35 Whelen Eland Hunt

//Mike’s 35 Whelen Eland Hunt

Mike’s 35 Whelen Eland Hunt

Good morning.
If I had a bolt gun laying around that did not ‘shoot’ I would send it to you in a second.
You did my shot-out M700LH 30-06 to 35 Whelen back in 2015 and I’ve never had a better shooting gun. It is a little heavy for carrying around the NH woods but I knew that when I ordered the 24 inch #4 profile.
I am a handloader and it shoots nearly all 200-250 grain spitzers to 1″ or better and is consistently 125 fps faster than my friend’s 35W with the same ammo. This year I took it on a 1 month plains game trip to Namibia and it got a workout on everything from jackals and baboons to eland. You guys did a great job. Attached is a pic of the eland with the gun. I used a Barnes TSX 225 at 2550 fps to penetrate 30 inch of eland.

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