Button Rifled Barrels

All of McGowen Precisions barrels are precision pull button rifled. We start out with certified 4140 or 416R stainless steel. This steel was specifically manufactured for the use in rifle barrels.

All steel used by McGowen is carefully put through a series of tests to ensure the quality and consistency. Typical rifle barrel steel is between 28 and 32 on the Rockwell "C" scale. All rifle barrels are stress relieved after the rifling process.

We offer barrels in a variety of calibers from 20 caliber up to 50 caliber. With each caliber we offer a variety of different twist options. We are adding new rifling buttons all the time, so if you don't see the twist you are looking for, keep checking back as we update our website. Also if you are looking for a twist that is not show, give us a call and we'll look into purchasing the tooling.

All of our rifle barrels are truly "hand-lapped". As stated previously in this website, this is not a catch phrase for us. There are companies that state that their barrels are hand-lapped, yet typically their workers are required to do a certain amount of barrels per day, leaving their customers with a barrel that may have been lapped between 20-50 laps. We will put as many lapping strokes through a barrel as necessary to give you the quaility that you demand and deserve.

Please note that we do not offer different grades of barrels. Our QA process is such that at any time during the process of making your barrel, if it fails inspection, the barrel is started over. Our goal is to send out the very best product on the market today. And if after receiving your barrel you find any discrepancies or flaws in the barrel, we will address them immediately and try to correct these as quickly as possible.

For more information on each type of barrel click the link to the left "Barrels" and choose the option you are interested in. In Chrome Moly & Stainless Steel Barrels there is a list of each caliber and twist that we offer. It will also give you the option of ordering through PayPal.

Cut Rifled Barrels

We are currently in the process of completing our cut rifling machine. Cut rifling tooling has been designed and is currently awaiting the tooling manufacturer to complete the tooling. We do not currently have an estimated date in which we will introduce our cut rifled barrels. Keep watching for updates in the future. This note was updated on May 9, 2014.

Pre-Fit Barrels

We also offer a variety of "Pre-Fit" barrels. These barrels are chambered, threaded and crowned. As with any rifle barrel we strongly recommend that a qualified gunsmith install the barrel on your action. Some pre-fit barrels will require that the gunsmith complete the installation by cutting extractor cuts into the breech. This is common on Ruger #1 & #3 rifles, Mauser 96 and 98 rifles and Winchester Model 70 CRF actions. The gunsmith should also check the threads against your receiver. We hold very tight tolerances here at McGowen and typically the threads will be at the high end (tight) of the tolerance. This allows for the barrel to fit tight with your receiver, which in turn improves accuracy. On barrels for the Remington 700, 7, 721, 722, 600, 660, Mauser 96, 98, Ruger M77, M77 Mk II, Ruger #1 & #3, etc, your gunsmith may be required to turn back the shoulder to provide proper headspace. Barrels for rifles such as the Savage or REMAGE barrels have a lock nut and the headspace is achieved by turning the barrel back onto a closed bolt with the go and no-go gauges. Once headspace is achieved the lock nut is then torqued on to lock the barrel in place.

NOTICE: Any barrels that have been completed for you and are subsequently cancelled or returned without manufacturer defects are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

All orders that have been shipped with Due Upon Receipt, Net 15 or Net 30 terms that are not paid for within the specified time frame are subject to collection action. All collection and/or attorney's fees are your responsibility.

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